Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Rights are Absolute

The Constitution was not just written for the good and easy times. It was written for the difficult times that come if a government begins to outgrow the consent of the people. The Bill of Rights was written by the people, telling government what it has no authority to regulate. Recently we have seen more restrictions being placed on free speech and gun rights. We must stand against further restrictions, and fight to roll back the infringements which have already been placed on our God given rights.

I pledge to fight to give the people more options to hold their government officials accountable.

I also pledge to fight to make Kentucky a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary state where we will nullify the infringements placed on our gun rights by our government.


End the Income Tax

The income tax is slavery by percentage.

If a person was forced to give up 100% of their earnings, we would definitely call it theft or even slavery. The average American taxpayer is forced to give 35-40% of their earnings to government through taxes and fees, and the percentage rises every time government gets bigger. At what point should we change our methods?

When elected, I will immediately file a bill to eliminate state income taxes on overtime pay (and provisions for salary workers). We should reward hard work, not penalize it. Eventually, the goal is to end the income tax altogether.

Raising the gas tax is wrong and will disproportionately affect the hard working Kentuckians who have a long commute, or use fleets of vehicles, but does not guarantee that those extra funds will benefit their own community and roads.

I have a plan which would increase funding and also allow taxpayers to earmark a portion of their larger tax payments to the cause they feel is most necessary. This could provide more funds for our roads, schools, and more. All without raising the tax at the gas pump.


School Choice

In Kentucky, taxpayers pay about $17,000 per student per year for public schools. “School Choice” is a new additional fund for education which can allow parents transfer their child to a different nearby public school, if they feel like it may benefit the child. It does not take away from other school funding. It is additional funding.

The current version of School Choice will allow children in the highest populated counties to also consider private schools for their child. This option needs to be expanded to all Kentuckians, not just big cities.

The bottom line is that we pay big taxes to educate our children, and those funds should follow the child wherever the parent wishes to send their child. For now, our best option is to expand School Choice to all Kentucky children, and all schools. America is about freedom. We should be free to use our tax dollars to educate our children as we see fit.

Protect Life

End Abortion

Life is precious. If government has a job, it is to set policies in place to protect life. It is a sad day when taxpayers are forced to give a portion of their earnings to a government which funds abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. I will fight to end this assault on our morals.

I will also fight to eliminate the issues which lead some women to choose to abort their child, including poverty. Heavy taxation and irresponsible spending have resulted in poverty in many areas. I support the idea of discreet locations where a person can drop off a baby for adoption. I also want to make adoption cheaper and easier.

Impeach Beshear

Hold Beshear Accountable

As a State Representative, I will file articles of impeachment to remove Governor Beshear from office. If Beshear is impeached by 2023, he can never hold office in Kentucky again. It is very important that we protect Kentucky from this dictator. Federal court has ruled his actions in 2020 unconstitutional, but he hasn’t learned anything. He must be removed and kept from ever holding power again! We are out of time! Donate today to help me get there!